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Green IT Solutions

advanced design, technologies & practices to deliver maximum uptime with minimum environmental impact

Increasing Our Impact on Your Business —
Not on the Environment

At Latisys, maximizing the performance, reliability and uptime of your data center will always be our first obligation. But we believe we have an additional, broader obligation to operate our facilities in a way that minimizes impact on the environment.

“Greening” our data centers to make them more environmentally friendly and sustainable is just sound business. It’s about lowering cooling demands, cutting energy costs, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades, operating more efficiently and sharing these efficiencies with you.

So we have begun making the significant investments in advanced green data center technologies to help us provide maximum IT uptime with minimal environmental impact. By customizing innovative power and cooling strategies to the unique climate where our data centers operate, Latisys is quickly becoming a leader in eco-friendly data center design and operation.

  • Highly efficient power system components that significantly reduce emissions while operating at the high end of their rated capacity.
  • Environmentally friendly building materials such as white membrane roofing and rubberized ceilings that reflect sunlight and heat and reduce overall load by up to 20 percent.
  • Free Cooling via adiabatic chillers that reduce or eliminate compressor chilling in colder seasons and increase efficiency during the summer months.
  • Use of advanced 20-year-rated, uninterruptible power supply batteries and state-of-the-art battery monitoring systems to increase time between replacements and reduce the environmental impact of disposal.
  • Ultrasonic humidification systems that use less energy and generate no additional heat, unlike typical steam canister humidifiers.
  • Electrically Commutated Plug Fans that enable automatic adjustment of air handlers to match cooling demands for better PuE.
  • Dolphin Cooling Tower purification system that uses no hazardous chemicals, saves water and energy and prevents pollution
  • Virtualization, to increase efficiencies and reduce the need for additional energy-, space- and resource-consuming physical infrastructure.

Go Green with Latisys.

Save energy. Save money. And join with us in being good stewards of the communities where we operate. Green IT solutions built into Latisys data centers make it easy and automatic for you to reap the benefits of environmental design. To learn more, and to schedule a tour of our eco-friendly facilities, contact Latisys today.

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