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Data Center Policy

All Latisys Customers and their representatives, employees, contractors, agents, invitees, and users of Customers' facilities and all Latisys contractors, vendors, invitees, or agents (“Authorized Persons”) are subject to these Rules and Regulations in connection with their use of or access to the Latisys Center and/or Services.

  • All equipment installation activities must be pre-approved by Latisys. Any Authorized Person installing any type of equipment into their collocated space within the Data Center must first check in with a member of Latisys' Network Operations Center (NOC) staff and provide the necessary information about the equipment and the installation prior to commencing any installation activities.
  • All power and power distribution must be provided and installed by Latisys personnel. In the event that an Authorized Person wishes to provide their own power distribution, Latisys personnel must perform the installation. Customer provided power distribution is subject to approval by Latisys, and must meet current Data Center standards. This includes but is not limited to: Power surge protection provided by fuses or breakers. Proper UL ratings. Not recalled from manufacturer.
  • Connecting one power strip into another, also referred to as ‘Daisy-Chaining’ is not permitted under any circumstances. Daisy-Chaining not only presents a fire-hazard but also presents the potential to overload a power circuit resulting in a loss of power to a power strip, receptacle or complete bus.
  • Latisys expects all Authorized Persons to adhere to the 80/20 rule regarding power consumption. This requires that typical power usage is not to exceed 80% of total power available per power circuit.
  • An Authorized Person is not permitted to and shall not approach, handle, use, inspect or examine any equipment, cabinets, cage space, local deployment workstation or floor space, other than their own.
  • An Authorized Person's access to or use of the Data Center and the Latisys building shall at all times comply with the rules and regulations promulgated by the owner of the building from time to time, a copy of which may be obtained from Latisys personnel.
  • An Authorized Person is not permitted to and shall not at any time disclose the identity of any Latisys customers.
  • The Latisys building shall be kept neat and orderly at all times. Authorized Persons shall remove all of their trash and debris upon departure from the building. Latisys shall have the right to remove and discard any trash and debris left in the Latisys building in violation of the foregoing, and to charge the Authorized Person for such trash removal. Trash receptacles are provided outside of the data center at both the front and rear entrances.
  • Flammable items (ie; cardboard and paper) are not to be stored within any collocated space throughout the data center. These items filch humidity from the air, present a fire hazard and introduce dust contaminants into the air.
  • At the conclusion of any work in the Data Center, the Authorized Persons shall ensure all cables are routed and dressed neatly in cabinets and all doors are closed and locked and the equipment or area is left in a closed, orderly, and secure manner. The Authorized Persons may bring into the Data Center tools and portable test equipment, approved by Latisys, provided that the Authorized Persons are responsible for and remove or secure the same upon their departure from the Data Center. Any Authorized Person utilizing the Local Deployment Workstations will be responsible for securing all of their own equipment, documents, and supplies.
  • The Latisys NOC staff will be responsible for scheduling the use of the conference rooms and other amenities such as: setup lab, laptops, projectors, dollies & carts, and the daily workstation on a first come first serve basis.
  • Any and all equipment, including Customer Equipment, operated within a Data Center must be configured and operate at all times in compliance with the applicable manufacturer's specifications, including, without limitation, any specifications as to power consumption and/or clearance requirements.
  • In the event that a hardware failure of any equipment results in an audible alarm being emitted from the equipment, the Customer will be asked to resolve such alarm within 14 days of being notified of its existence. Alarms of this type are disruptive to other Authorized Persons using the data center facilities and also impair the ability of Technical Operations staff to identify other audible alarms on customer equipment or data center infrastructure during facility walkthroughs.
    • No sign, advertisement, notice or object shall be displayed by a Customer or Visitor in or on the exterior of the Data Center walls, doors, ceilings, racks, cabinets or cages without Latisys' prior approval.
    • No Authorized Person shall bring into or keep upon the Data Center premises any hazardous, combustible, explosive, or otherwise dangerous fluid, chemical or substance at any time.
    • No acids, vapors or other materials shall be discharged or permitted to be discharged into the waste lines, vents or flues of the Data Center.
  • Authorized Persons may not bring or use any of the following into the Data Center or on Latisys grounds:
    • Alcohol Products
    • Explosives
    • Weapons
    • Chemicals
    • Illegal drugs
    • Electro-magnetic devices
    • Radioactive materials
    • Photographic or recording equipment of any kind (other than tape back-up equipment for use with the Customer Equipment)
  • Food and beverages may be allowed in the office areas of the Data Center with Latisys' prior permission. No food and/or drink will be allowed under any circumstances in any of the raised floor data center space or in the main distribution frames. Any breach of this policy will result in immediate loss of access privileges.
  • Latisys reserves the right to inspect all objects to be brought into or taken out of the Data Center and to exclude from the Data Center all objects which violate any of these Rules and Regulations. Latisys may require any person entering or leaving the Data Center with any package to document the contents of the package.
  • All Latisys provided connections to and from Customer Equipment will be clearly labeled by Data Center Operations personnel using the Latisys labeling code. It is imperative that these labels remain intact so that Latisys personnel can easily identify and troubleshoot any of the services it provides to a customer.
  • Periodically, Latisys will conduct routine, non-emergency scheduled maintenance of its Data Center and Services. Latisys shall notify Customers a minimum of two business days in advance of said maintenance window. Customer agrees to cooperate with Latisys during the scheduled maintenance so that Latisys minimizes Customer impact. Product specific SLAs addressing maintenance periods will govern over this general rule, to the extent they differ. Latisys may require emergency maintenance windows on rare occasions and will provide as much notification as possible.


  • Only those individuals specifically identified by an authorized employee of the Customer may access the Data Center ("Permitted Individuals").
  • It is the Customer's Single Point of Contact (SPOC)’s responsibility to notify Latisys of any change in Customer's Authorized Access list, or the identity of those who can and cannot provide Latisys with such a list. The appropriate access forms must be completed for each person authorized on a customer account. Latisys may rely on the most current Authorized Access list in deciding who shall gain access.
  • Customer's Permitted Individuals shall stay in the vicinity of their own equipment when in the Latisys facility and Visitors shall stay in the vicinity of their own equipment or work or shall stay with a Latisys escort while in the Latisys facility.
  • All Authorized Persons are required to log in upon entry, provide a valid U.S. federal or state photo identification or a foreign passport, and are then issued their Latisys badge for access into and throughout the Data Center. Latisys will retain the Authorized Persons' identification in exchange for the badge and any facility keys required to gain access to their collocation space while the Authorized Person is in the Data Center. The badge and any facility keys must be returned before the Authorized Person leaves the Data Center.
  • "Tailgating" is prohibited. Tailgating is defined as the act of following a badged individual through access controlled doors without following proper registration and authorization procedures. Latisys considers it the responsibility of badge carriers to ensure unauthorized individuals do not follow them through access controlled doors.
  • Authorized Persons shall not access any portion of the Data Center (except for the Customer Area), including without limitation, the building roof, electrical or communications closets, the Data Center ceiling or floor, without prior consent from Latisys and without a Latisys escort.


  • Authorized Persons may not misuse or abuse any Latisys property or equipment.
  • Authorized Persons may not verbally or physically harass, threaten, intimidate, or abuse any individual within the Data Center or while on Latisys property, including without limitation, employees, agents, or invitees of Latisys or other Visitors. Abusive and threatening or offensive behavior by any Visitor will not be tolerated.
  • Authorized Persons may not engage or assist in any activity that violates the law or aids in criminal activity while in the Data Center or on Latisys property or in connection with the Services.
  • Authorized Persons shall limit smoking (including e-cigarettes and vaporizers), chewing, and use of any other tobacco product(s) to designated outdoor tobacco use areas and shall properly dispose of cigarette butts and any other waste that may be generated only in those receptacles provided for that purpose.
  • Latisys may refuse entry to, or require the immediate departure of, any individual who (i) is disorderly, (ii) fails to comply with these Rules and Regulations, or (iii) fails to comply with any of Latisys' other policies, procedures and requirements after being advised of them.


Latisys reserves the right to change these Rules and Regulations at any time, provided that the Customer is informed in advance of any such change. Latisys Customers’ Visitors are responsible for regularly reviewing these Rules and Regulations.