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Managed Antivirus

the leading causes of data breaches are viruses and malware, generating 40% of the successful data breaches just last year

Don't be Breached by a Virus

Protect your critical systems from infection with host-based anti-virus managed by Latisys! Our client-based software uses reputation-based technology to defend servers by scanning for and remediating each of the following:

  • Viruses
  • Adware
  • Dialers
  • Hacking Tools
  • Joke/Misleading Programs
  • Parental Control Program
  • Remote Access Programs
  • Security Assessment Tools
  • Spyware
  • Trackware
  • Other Unidentified Threats
 Also, risk reports provide greater visibility into potential threats, making it easier to isolate infected systems and ensure compliance.

Did You Know?

In 2012:

  • There was a 42% increase in targeted cyber attacks
  • The most targeted industries were manufacturing (24%) and finance (19%)
  • The average # of identities exposed per successful data breach was 604,826
  • The average cost of a successful data breach was $136 per lost record
  • Over 2/3 of the identities breached were stolen from healthcare, education and government organizations
  • There were 14 Zero-Day exploits, up from only 8 in 2011
    (there have already been 12 in just the first six months of 2013)
  • 600,000 computers were infected by Flashback malware alone
  • 50% of all attacks were targeted at small businesses as they often provide gateways to larger organizations that are better protected

Source: Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2013


Make the Secure Choice

Meet today’s security challenges head-on. Choose Latisys managed security to assure the integrity, safety, availability and compliance of your IT infrastructure. To learn more, contact Latisys today.

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