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Customer Support

providing personalized support to ensure your IT infrastructure
delivers value to your enterprise

Latisys Customer Support: Proving that We Treat Your Business like it’s Our Business

When you outsource your IT infrastructure to Latisys, we understand you’re looking for a solution to the challenges of IT quality, complexity and cost. And we take your decision very seriously.

That’s why we do more than provide the most reliable, flexible and secure IT infrastructure available anywhere. We also assist you with our industry-leading support and a culture of commitment to assure that your solution delivers all the performance, availability, economy and scale that led you to choose Latisys in the first place.

Multiple levels of technical support are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — from the self-service convenience of our online Customer Portal, to the resolution-driven, ITIL-based support of the trained and professionally certified technicians and engineers accessible through the Latisys owned, operated and on shore Service Desk. For complex customer accounts, we offer the personal oversight of Technical Account Managers.

Success Means You Never Stop Improving

At Latisys we are relentless in finding ways to offer an unparalleled support experience. And we realize that the best ideas on how to accomplish that come from you, which is why we leverage many different mechanisms to gather your feedback throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Here are just a few of the ways we stay in tune with your needs:

  • We conduct annual surveys of our entire customer base to understand your satisfaction with every facet of our organization.
  • Customers are presented with an opportunity to provide feedback on each and every support request submitted to Latisys.
  • Technical Account Managers perform regular quarterly account reviews for their complex accounts.
  • The Latisys Customer Advisory Council convenes several times a year to discuss acute challenges and emerging needs from a variety of different industries and IT applications.