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Silos are for farms, not IT infrastructure. So why choose a siloed service provider who needs to steer infrastructure outsourcing customers into their rigid offerings?

Choose Latisys instead. Latisys offers an end-to-end suite of premier Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions giving you the freedom to choose the cloud, managed hostingdata center colocation or hybrid environment that best fits your needslayering on the managed services that make sense for your business and incorporating disaster recovery where it’s necessary.

Whatever IaaS solution you choose, Latisys delivers the unequaled combination of our:

  • Extremely flexible & adaptable infrastructure and service model for tailoring solutions to your exact requirements.
  • Unmatched performance & scalability to grow as your business evolves.
  • IT facilities and services experts working as an extension of your IT team, accessible when you need them to optimize and assure performance.

Cloud Services: IT Infrastructure On-demand

Imagine a secure and elastic platform that lets you maintain maximum control of your costs and compute resources while paying only for what you use. That’s exactly what you get with Latisys’ cloud services. Our unified architecture spans cloud, managed hosting, managed services and is built on Latisys’ nationwide Tier III data center footprint—delivering our cloud clients the benefits of integrated, full-featured enterprise-grade solutions:

  • Greater control over resources and investments
  • Faster provisioning that cuts the time from order to deployment
  • Expert support to assure you get the most out of your infrastructure
  • Higher security and better performance than commodity, credit-card-swipe clouds
  • Flexibility, agility and scalability to help you respond to changes and opportunities
  • Hands-on expertise to reduce the risk and learning curve for deploying new technologies
  • Highly-reliable and resilient infrastructure tailored to your exact needs

Managed Hosting: Improve Service, Reduce Capital Expense & Avoid IT Obsolescence

A Latisys Managed Hosting solution lets you take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and highly efficient, fully-integrated hardware that costs too much to obtain and requires specialized resources to manage. With our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), you get guaranteed performance and uptime on truly enterprise-grade infrastructure. And thanks to our built-for-the-future platform, your solution is one you will never outgrow. Managed hosting solutions include:

  • Simplified and super-efficient virtual servers
  • Fully independent dedicated servers assigned exclusively to your operations
  • Flexible service, licensing and hosting programs
  • Seamless system integration with varied OS management

...all delivered “as-a-service” that is optimized for your business and supported by a team of certified experts dedicated to serving as an extension of your team at every stage of your IT lifecycle.

Colocation: A Secure & Redundant Data Center Without Constraints

With Latisys data center colocation, you get all the power, infrastructure, backbone network, cross connections, cooling, physical space and state-of-the-art security of our high-density Tier III data centers. At the same time, you maintain full and hands-on control of your hardware installed in your full or partial cabinet, customized cage or private suite. As your needs expand, our flexible, power-dense and energy efficient design gives you the capacity to grow up, not out, optimizing your ROI per square foot. For maximum reliability, security and availability, each of Latisys seven data centers include:

  • Proximity card access entry and video security
  • N+1 uninterruptible power systems
  • Multi-gigabit bandwidth connections through diverse IP providers
  • Carrier neutral network connectivity
  • 24x7 on-site staffing to assist with remote hands and installation
  • Industry-leading power per square foot and power usage efficiency (PuE)
  • Flexible, adaptable and scalable infrastructure

Managed Services: Take Routine Support & Maintenance Off Your To-Do List

Free up your staffing resources by off-loading routine IT maintenance tasks to Latisys’ infrastructure specialists and leveraging the full power of our full line of managed services.

Hybrid: Because Sometimes the Right Answer is “All of the Above”

Because Latisys offers seamless, end-to-end IaaS solutions, you have the option of purchasing cloud, managed hosting or data center colocation “a la carte” or as a hybrid infrastructure service.

Why is this important? Because hybrid means you can optimize and right-size: leverage legacy hardware if that’s important to you, put security-conscious workloads in a dedicated environment if you need to, assign variable workloads to the cloud if speed and self-service are paramount.

When you have a hammer everything looks like a nail. And many other providers only have a hammer. Latisys has the entire tool box—which is why we can tailor a solution to your exact needs.

Disaster Recovery: The Protection You Need in an Unpredictable World

Anything can happen to a data center. And eventually it will. Be prepared for natural or man-made disruptions, outages or disasters with Latisys disaster recovery services.

Delivering everything from near-instantaneous continuous availability to simple offsite data backup, Latisys can customize a disaster recovery solution to your recovery point, recovery time and business continuity objectives. Trust Latisys to satisfy your regulatory requirements for disaster recovery, safeguard your data in a secure offsite location and get key systems up and running within a defined window. And you can flexibly integrate our cloud services into your disaster recovery solution to eliminate costly capital investment. Need to do a comprehensive Business Impact Analysis to figure out just how much DR you need? We can help with that as well.

Move to Latisys

Get out of the silo and get back to business with a future-proof end-to-end IaaS solution from Latisys. Whether it’s cloud, managed hosting, colocation or managed services, we offer more ways to get all the capacity, performance and scalability you will ever need. To learn more, contact today.

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