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Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

robust and reliable, with massive scale and flexibility built on best-in-breed technology

Latisys’ Managed Hosting and Cloud solutions are built on a brand-name, industry-leading platform — enabling us to give our customers better performance and greater agility.  Each provider solution is optimized for multi-tenancy, with components that easily swap out to make way for technology and efficiency enhancements.

More Capabilities

  • Highly efficient servers and blades with advanced technology, features and functionality
  • State-of-the-art cloud orchestration platform that automates the creation of virtual pools of servers, storage and network resources
  • Expertise in infrastructure management and lights-out management



More Performance

  • Engineered for zero downtime environments
  • Supports ever-increasing network bandwidth demands with capacity of 2.6 Tbps in a 16 RU chassis
  • Scales to support growing subscriber bases with up to 32k subscribers per packet forwarding engine
  • IPv6 enablement—ability to meet mixed IP addressing needs as IPv6 networks are built
  • Built-in virtualization to support the multi-tenant environment

More Reliability

  • High IOPS network storage, with a tightly-coupled clustered architecture and mixed-workload support
  • Granular isolation of multi-tenant instances—virtual SAN available to unique instances and different quality of service for unique customers
  • Granular, intelligent automation, planning & reporting, with detailed visibility into IOPS for multi-tenant users
  • Massively scalable and dynamically tiered
  • Significant increase in host ports, drives, capacity
  • Huge throughput and exponential expansion of fiber channel

More Integration

  • Very low latency, enabling fast, intra-rack communications
  • Virtualized physical space allocation for better distribution of load across the data center
  • Converged policy framework for admission & access control with packet confidentiality and integrity built into the platform
  • Incremental and seamless adoption of new services for ready-integration to tomorrow's high speed standards

More Protection

  • Next-generation enterprise firewall built for multi-tenant service providers
  • Unprecedented visibility and control over applications, users and content
  • Adaptive scalability to burst beyond typical limits for additional throughput without a negative impact on their business
  • Ability to start on a virtualized platform and move to dedicated
  • Leader in threat management with more embedded services in the appliance 


    More Scalability

    • First application delivery controller that scales on demand
    • Highest levels of throughput and transactions per second without adding more devices or disrupting users
    • Global Load Balancing for greater performance between data centers
    • BIG-IP easily integrates with management and orchestration platforms



     More Continuity

    • Faster backup - significantly reduce backup windows by only sending and storing unique daily changes
    • Optimized protection for VMware infrastructure and integration with industry leading databases and applications
    • Flexible deployment - straight to disk, WAN vaulting, tape out service and secure storage






    More Options

    • Hypervisor agnosticity allows you to deploy virtualization that works best for your environment
    • Microsoft Gold Partner with support for Microsoft operating systems and applications 
    • Support for Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS Linux Operating systems

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