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Why Latisys

discover the advantages of uniquely customer-focused
IT infrastructure

Flexible, Scalable Infrastructure
Delivered By Professionals
Working as an Extension of Your Team

For IT leaders who need to build complex services while facing the never-ending challenge to do more, faster and with less, Latisys offers an innovative approach to IT infrastructure design and delivery. Unlike Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers who offer standalone cloud, hosting or data center colocation as “siloed” solutions—or those who limit customers to rigid, preconfigured packages—Latisys offers the advantages of a uniquely customer-focused solution:

Flexible and Adaptable
Because Change Happens

At Latisys, flexibility and adaptability are more than promises. They’re built into everything we do.

Latisys has made the significant investment to become one of the very few companies with a national platform that can truly do it all. This means we can offer enterprise cloud serveices, managed hosting, high density data center colocation—or a mix of all of the above, a hybrid infrastructure service—to personalize and optimize solutions to each client’s unique needs. It also means Latisys can easily adapt your solution mix as requirements and priorities change to ensure you always have the right combination of performance, scale, self-service and value.

Performance and Scale for Infrastructure
You Will Never Outgrow

You’ve built your enterprise to grow and thrive, right? That means your IT infrastructure requirements are going to evolve and your demand for compute, throughput and storage will likely grow as well.

But not all infrastructure providers can scale to satisfy their customers’ changing needs. It simply breaks their model.

Latisys is different. Our built-for-the-future, scalable, enterprise-class IaaS platform is ready to grow right along with you, delivering all the performance, power and capacity you’ll need—now and for years to come. Leading the industry in power per square foot and power usage efficiency, our advanced high-density data center facilities let you grow up, not out.

On top of this nationwide backbone we’ve integrated best-in-breed technologies—a unified cloud and hosting platform, complete with physical and virtual servers, storage, networking, load balancing, security and more—into one of the most scalable, high performance and flexible IaaS platforms available today.

Latisys’ strength and momentum provide further assurance that we’ll be here as your business grows. We’ve made the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies for six consecutive years and were recently ranked #23 among Forbes’ Most Promising Companies in America. More importantly, we’re continually expanding our data center footprint—which already totals more than 340,000 square feet — and enhancing the capabilities of our Managed Cloud, Hosting and Services platform. Fully capitalized by some of the biggest brand name banks in the world and free cash flow positive, Latisys has the capital to grow four to five times without any additional funding.

As an Extension of Your Team, We Treat Your Business as if it Were Our Own

We understand that when you choose Latisys as your IT infrastructure partner, you’re entrusting us with the most important part of your business. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

That’s why our whole approach to customer relationships is to make your interests our own. If you have a problem, challenge or need, so do we. Working as an extension of your team we’ll do everything it takes to solve it. And this applies to every stage of your lifecycle with Latisys—from Solution Design and Engineering to Project Management and Provisioning to Service Desk and Tier 2 Support. We recognize that you are in a constant state of “Plan, Build, Run” and it’s our job to be there for you.

Other providers put bureaucracy and barriers between you and their technical staffs, making it difficult or impossible to connect with the people who are supposed to be working on your behalf. And if you manage to get through to the engineering team, it’s of little use since they either have no authority to do anything or have to filter your request through so many levels it takes forever to get anything done.

At Latisys, our streamlined organization assures that our certified industry experts are available and accessible when you need them and empowered to resolve issues that arise. Our culture of commitment and expertise places maximum value on delivering what customers need exactly when they need it. That’s why you’ll find all of us at Latisys highly collaborative, extremely consultative and unabashedly passionate about solving problems and designing solutions that best fit each customer’s current and future needs.

Thanks to our deliberate and disciplined hiring and retention process, best and brightest technologists who always put the customer first are the only kind of people you’ll encounter at Latisys.

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